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Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County

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The Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program is made possible with support from the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO).  Check the MACRO website for information such as:

How Can I Find a Mediator for My Dispute
Consumers Guide to ADR Services in Maryland (requires adobe acrobat)

Forms below require Adobe Acrobat.

Forms for ADR Participants
Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan
Confidential Attorney Case Summary Form
Civil, Non-Domestic Attorney Mediation, Request to Opt Out of Mediation Important note:  This form must be printed on YELLOW paper when submitted to the Court.  It is for use in CIVIL, NON-DOMESTIC CASES ONLY.  This form CANNOT be used for family law cases.  Family case must file a motion

Mediator Application
Mediator Application

Forms for Civil, Attorney Mediators
Order for Mediation
Civil Attorney Mediator Confidential Case Summary
Civil Attorney Mediator Disposition Form
Civil Attorney Mediator Evaluation Form
Civil Attorney Meditors Agreement

Forms for Settlement Conference Officers
Confidential Attorney Case Summary Form
• Settlement Confernece Officer Agreement Form
ADR Data Sheet
Order for Mediation (SCO)

Forms for Family Law Mediation
Consent to Extend Scope of Mediation
Mediator Disposition Form - Property
Mediator Disposition Form - Custody/Visitation
Mediator Client Evaluation Form

Forms for Family Law Facilitators
Facilitation Evaluation Form
Facilitator Application, non-Mediation
Facilitator Stat Tracking Sheet



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