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ImageThe Information Services Department of the Court is responsible for a variety of tasks essential to the day to day operation of the court. Of primary concern is the Court's recording equipment which makes an audio recording of all proceedings. These tapes are then used when a transcript of the proceedings is requested. The Information Services Department ensures that the equipment is maintained properly and that the recording is clear for easy transcription.

The Information Services Department is also responsible for the service of all computers, printers, telephones, fax machines and other equipment in the building. The court administers its own Local Area Network allowing for internal email communication between all court departments, and is a part of Anne Arundel County's Wide Area Network (WAN) for communication with other county departments.

Of particular importance to attorneys and litigants is the court's evidence presentation equipment which is available for courtroom use. Pictured above, is the evidence presentation equipment which functions as a VCR, overhead projector, telestrator, cassette player - and is linked to all monitors in the courtroom. Attorneys/litigants can also display computer programs to all monitors and the judge.

The equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. Training can be provided by the Court's Information Services staff. Plan to spend a minimum of 15 minutes to become familiar with the equipment. For further information, please contact Mike Pack, Court Audio/Visual Engineer at 410-222-1484.

To reserve evidence presentation equipment, please click here to fill out an online request form or call our Information Services Department at 410-222-1484.

Click here to view an Adobe PDF file with more information about courtroom technology.


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