Below is a list of mediators who are specifically trained to provide family law court (ordered) mediation. The Court cannot recommend one above the other, but offers this list as a resource to those seeking the assistance of a mediator.

Highlighted Mediators conduct Custody/Visitation and Property Mediation.

   Indicates that Mediators are willing to perform mediation by telephone for out of state parties.

 Indicates that Mediator can perform mediation for Spanish speaking parties.

   Indicates that Mediator performs Property mediation only.


Nathalie Al Zyoud, Annapolis, MD, 443-846-8888

Kimberly T. Arn, Esquire, Columbia, MD, 240-345-2015

Marc Baer, Esquire, Reisterstown, MD, 443-712-2529 ext. 1. (Appointments held in Pasadena, MD)

Jennifer Shuck Baldwin, Arnold, MD, 410-562-8439. (Appointments held in Annapolis, MD)

Elizabeth Benitz, Annapolis, MD, 410-739-8600

Joseph Bruce, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-269-0185

Elana Byrd, Esquire, Edgewater, MD, 410-266-0760

Nicholas Capousis, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-263-0500

William L. Corbin, Esquire, Severna Park, MD, 410-544-0314, ext. 106

Lydia Espinosa Crafton, MA, New Market, MD, 301-404-9722 (Appointments available in Annapolis)

Catherine A. Cullen, MSW, Mediation Services of Annapolis, Annapolis, MD, 301-606-4578

Patricia A. Cummings, LCSW-C, Annapolis, MD, 410-349-1170

Hollie S. Cutler, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-224-7630

Philip A. Dales, III, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-263-0200

Penelope S. Dart, Esquire, Gambrills, MD, 410-674-5303

Pamela Dement-Carpenter, Esquire, Severna Park, MD, 443-388-2459

Anita Deger, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-974-9294

June White Dillard (Vartoukian), Esquire, Annapolis, MD 21401, 301-292-1868

Susanne K. Henley, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-280-0530

Mark C. Herbst, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-269-8484 (Appointments also available in Pasadena)

Gilda O. Karpouzian, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-280-8864

Jac E. Knust, Esquire, Ellicott City, MD, 410-465-8900

Martin Kranitz, MA, CRC, Annapolis, MD, 410-280-8888

Susan G. Krohn, LCSW-C, Annapolis, MD, 410-626-8626

Angela Magruder, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-224-1332

Michael E. Malone, Esquire, Crofton, MD, 410-721-3900

Susan Mays, Esquire, Glen Burnie, MD, 443-805-6976

Robert McFarland, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-821-1511 (Also has office space in Lutherville)

Timothy J. Mummert, Esquire, Glen Burnie, MD, 410-766-1100

Ronald M. Naditch, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-268-3434

Hon. Pamela L. North, Annapolis, MD, 410-279-1486

John H. Price, Jr., Esquire, Baltimore, MD, 410-789-0510

Robert J. Rhudy, Esquire, Annapolis, MD (appointment address), 443-890-6548

Arnold H. Sampson, Esquire, Arnold, MD (appointment address), 410-367-5643

James W. Sauer, Esquire, Glen Burnie, MD, 410-768-1551

Laura Shanley, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-268-1106

David A. Simison, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-268-7787

Harry G. Smith, III, Mediator, Baltimore, MD, 410-727-0590 (Appointments available in Annapolis)

Leticia Carroll Smith, Bowie, MD, 240-355-5544 (Appointments held in Annapolis)

Jimmy Srun, Montgomery Village, MD, 301-803-9400 (Appointments held in Annapolis)

Barry Steelman, Esquire, Baltimore, MD, 443-831-7384 (Appointments held in Pasadena)

Kendall B. Summers, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-224-4677

Barbara G. Taylor, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-267-9114

Linda R. Taylor, Ellicott City, MD, 410-302-7978 (Appointments held in Annapolis)

Rebecca S. Trevillian, Esq., Severn, Maryland 21144, 410-761-2430

Richard R. Trunnell, Esquire, Crofton, MD, 410-721-7169

Maureen Vernon, Ph.D., Annapolis, MD, 410-266-0019

Robert H. Waldman, Esquire, Annapolis, MD, 410-268-5050

Diane Wessel, Esquire, Glen Burnie, MD, 443-422-2356

Barbara Blake Williams, Esquire, Columbia, MD, 410-730-2106 (Annapolis office also available)

Michael Wilsman, Esquire, Severna Park, MD, 410-975-9520

♦ Kristin LeClair Zurowski, Esquire, Pasadena, MD, 202-441-5157