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Parents with children in common will generally be ordered to attend a six (6) hour parent education program also known as our Family Law Orientation Workshop (FLOW). The purpose of this program is to help parents understand how children are affected by divorce and other family changes.

Much of the information which is offered in our live FLOW program is also available in print on this website. Our intention is to provide you with information to assist you with your personal decisions. As you enter the court process, you should be aware of what the court expects of you. We realize that family change is an enormous challenge. The videos that follow may provide some assistance in your family law case, and reiterate what the live FLOW program offers.

We hope you find these videos and other information contained on this site helpful.  If you need additional information, please contact the court at which your case will be heard.  

The Court Process with Master In Chancery Mary Kramer
Video length:  13:35

Master Kramer explains the route that family law cases take once filed with the court. The process is outlined from the filing of a complaint through a court trial. Legal terms are introduced as they pertain to these procedures. Sometimes court services are ordered in family law cases. These services are explained and the timelines for the process are estimated. Typical family law cases are scheduled for several court appearances before a case is finalized. At all phases of the court process, parties are encouraged to reach an agreement as to custody, visitation, and child support issues.

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Common Mistakes and Helpful Hints: A View from the Bench with Master In Chancery William Tucker
Video length:  5:28

Master Tucker offers some advice for those who may consider representing themselves in court. He makes some suggestions such as – how to dress for court; choose your witnesses wisely; and be aware that judges cannot offer legal advice.

How To Divorce (Wisely) with Maureen Vernon, Ph.D, Part 1
Video length:  6:52

An Anne Arundel County Psychologist offers information from her book: Divorce is the Pits, So Stop Digging. This video highlights some success strategies for parents in the divorce process. Dr. Vernon states that divorce affects everyone involved and that there is no “best age” at which to divorce, from the children’s perspective. She offers tips to parents such as – consider how to tell your children that you will divorce and rehearse what you will say; consider obtaining professional advice to make this as peaceful and positive as possible; make sure that you provide reassurance and continuity for your children; and do not make them split their loyalties between parents. Dr. Vernon stresses the importance of learning conflict resolution skills and putting your children’s needs first.

How To Divorce (Wisely) with Maureen Vernon, Ph.D, Part 2
Video length:  12:28

The Impact of Separation and Divorce on Children with Gina Santoro, Ph.D, Part 1
Video length:  11:02

The Impact of Separation and Divorce on Children with Gina Santoro, Ph.D, Part 2
Video length:  12:24

Litigation vs. Mediation, Part 1 with Robert H. Waldman, Esq.
Video Length:  13:58

Litigation vs. Mediation, Part 2 with Robert H. Waldman, Esq.
Video Length:  11:25

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Litigation vs. Mediation, Part 3 with Robert H. Waldman, Esq.
Video Length:  14:20

Litigation vs. Mediation, Part 4 with Robert H. Waldman, Esq.
Video Length:  09:20


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