In order to participate in a hearing by telephone, prior permission of the Court must be obtained through a motion to appear by telephone. The filer must follow the directions that apply to all family and civil motions to postpone or appear by telephone. 

If the Court grants the motion to appear by telephone, the person permitted to appear by telephone will participate via CourtCall. The individual will follow the instructions in the Order to set up the appearance and pay a fee to appear via CourtCall.

When to file:

How to file:

Joint/Consent Motions --

Contested Motions and Motions for which Consent of All Other Counsel/Unrepresented Parties is not Obtained

- Follow the instructions under "When to File" and "How to File."

Telephonic Appearances for the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County

The Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County offers telephonic appearances via CourtCall. Please be aware that the use of CourtCall must be approved by the Court in advance and will cost the participating attorney/party $50 per appearance. CourtCall does not charge those litigants who are indigent and have secured a waiver of costs.

All Hearings require Court approval in order for any party or attorney to participate by telephone.

If you have additional questions regarding telephonic appearances, please contact the Court's Postponement Coordinator at 410-222-1285.

Below are a series of Questions and Answers which we hope will help guide you through this process.

Q. How can I schedule a CourtCall Appearance?
A. Once your telephonic appearance has been approved by the Court, call CourtCall at (888) 882-6878 to make arrangements

Q. What is the minimum amount of time for scheduling a CourtCall Appearance?
A. Specific deadlines vary but the general rule of thumb is at least five (Court/business) days.  CourtCall may charge an additional fee if less than 5 days.

Q. How far in advance can I schedule a CourtCall Appearance?
A. If a party needs to appear by telephone, the party should submit a request it as soon as the need arises and the hearing date is set.

Q. How much does the service cost?
A. For the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, the fee is $50 per telephonic appearance.

Q. What methods of payment does CourtCall accept?
A. CourtCall accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Q. How do I set up an account?
A. CourtCall offers a pre-paid Debit Account for customers who wish to receive a monthly statement.

Q. Will there be a separate fee for my client?
A. There is a separate fee for each individual party appearing by telephone.

Q. The Court is ordering my appearance by telephone, why should I have to pay for your services?
A. CourtCall/CourtConference provides equipment, scheduling and other services to facilitate telephonic appearances for attorneys and Judges. This enables the Court to allow you the opportunity to appear telephonically.

Q. I work for the State/Federal Government. Government agencies do not have to pay for your services.
A. As a private company, CourtCall fees apply to all participants, even government agencies.

Q. Why is the fee so much? It is only a telephone call.
A. It is not just a phone call, it is a Court Appearance and CourtCall provides high quality equipment, scheduling and other services to the Court. Without the option of CourtCall it is unlikely that you would be able to enjoy the time and money saving benefits of not traveling to Court.

Q. Do I need consent from the Court to appear by phone?
A. Yes. At the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, you must get approval from the Court prior to setting up a CourtCall Appearance.

Q. My client is going to be with me when I make the call, what should I do?
A. Since CourtCall does not allow the use of a speakerphone, you should schedule a separate appearance for your client so that they can participate in the conference.

Q. Can I make the call using my cell phone?
A. CourtCall prohibits the use of cell phones on the basis that they can be disruptive to the Court. CourtCalls should be made from a land-line, with the handset engaged.

Q. Will I get heard first if I am appearing by phone?
A. Typically, the Court will take the cases in whatever order they would normally, whether there are telephonic appearances or not. There is no preferential treatment for people making CourtCall Appearances.

Q. Why do I have to use CourtCall, can't I just call the Court directly?
A. CourtCall provides equipment and scheduling services to the Court to allow improved teleconferencing on all calls.

Q. What if I have a fee waiver for Court Costs - does that pertain to the CourtCall Cost?
A. Yes. If you have a fee waiver for Court Costs, inform CourtCall and your telephonic appearance fee will likewise be waived.