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Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County

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Hon. Pamela L. North
Hon. Ronald A. Silkworth
Hon. Philip T. Caroom
Hon. Paul A. Hackner
Hon. Michele D. Jaklitsch
Hon. Paul F. Harris, Jr.
Hon. Paul Garvey Goetzke
Hon. William C. Mulford, II
Hon. Michael Wachs
Hon. Laura S. Kiessling
Hon. Alison L. Asti

Click here to view a historic roster of all judges of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County. (Adobe .pdf file)

Front row (left to right):  Judge Goetzke; Judge Silkworth; Judge Asti; Judge Davis-Loomis (retired); Judge Kiessling; Judge Jaklitsch.  Back row (left to right):  Judge Caroom; Judge Wachs; Judge Hackner; Judge North; Judge Mulford; Judge Harris.

Photo by Jason Caton.


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